At Mindset 180 we understand that change takes time but time is precious, so we have created our Change Bootcamps.

Coaching & Mentoring - Mindset 180 Newcastle

One on One Coaching and Mentoring

Caught in a rut personally or professionally, or just having a challenge achieving your outcomes?
You’re not alone, but with uncertainty come massive opportunity for growth and transition.
Resilience Bootcamps - Mindset 180 Newcastle

Resilience Bootcamps

Now more than ever the world is in a state of flux, daily changes are challenging our ability to bounce back and make headway.

Media Bootcamp​s - Mindset 180 Newcastle

Media Bootcamps

The media was once the domain of the lucky ones who got “that” job in television, radio and newspapers. Stop Press, the evolution of the internet has seen opportunities to broadcast you and your interests across many platforms, but one thing always remains, skill set.

Voice Over Bootcamps - Mindset 180 Newcastle

Voice Over Bootcamps

Ever listened to a television show, documentary, radio commercial or YouTube video and wondered what it would take to be “that” voice over person? The world of voice overs is fun, exciting, can be lucrative and best of all can be done anywhere in the world. New and portable equipment means your recording studio travels with you wherever you go.

Public Speaking Bootcamps - Mindset 180 Newcastle

Public Speaking Bootcamps

Glossophobia, ever heard of it? It’s the fear of public speaking and 75% of the population has it, but can it be mastered? Yes…
Learning to conquer the fear is simple as changing your Mindset and learning the skills and tricks to stand up in front of 10 or 1000 people and deliver your message.